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Mobile Brake Repairs offer brake rotor grinding and machining service in Melbourne. Our technicians come to you at your home, workplace or wherever you need repair on your front and rear disc brakes.We carry all disc rotor brands such as AP Ceramics, Brembo, EBC, Black Power Slot Rotors BrakeQuip, 4Terrain,  Bendix, Repco, Burson Auto, Protex and much more!

Mobile disc rotor replacement service

Mobile Brake Repairs Melbourne is a leading mobile disc rotor replacement service provider in Melbourne. Our expert mechanics have extensive expertise in rotor repairs, replacement and diagnostics.

Mobile Brake Mechanics 

From brake rotor thickness to caliper repair, we cover all aspects necessary for Mobile Brake Repairs Melbourne We carry all major brand of brake components available so your car is never held up for parts.

Onsite disc rotor machining 

Mobile Brake Repairs Melbourne Our mobile mechanics will come to you, wherever your vehicle is located. With high quality parts and highly qualified specialists on staff, we provide expert service and repairs at a fraction of the cost.

The Mobile Brake Mechanics

Our mobile brake repairs services in Melbourne include leaking wheel Cylinders, Brake Discs, Brake Drums and Brake Calipers. If you have a grinding, squealing or vibrating disc rotor that is out of round then the solution is to have it machined smooth to restore your car's intended braking performance.

Our mobile brake service, has rotor thickness gauges to determine if your rotors are out of spec, meaning the thickness of it is getting too thin which can cause squealing, grinding, vibration and more. If the rotor on one side of your vehicle is worn on the backside then it will be on the front too. If you hear a brand new noise on your braking system, first check for rotor out of spec on both sides of your vehicle.

With over 40 years of experience in the brake industry, Mobile Brake Repairs Melbourne is able to provide all kinds of disc rotor replacements to people who are located in Melbourne, We offer fast and convenient brake rotor replacements for all kinds of vehicles, ranging from passenger vehicle to heavy-duty commercial vehicle. We offer a free mobile service to the surrounding areas of the Melbourne city and suburbs.

Mobile Brake Repairs Melbourne provides quality brake rotor replacements for brakes on all makes and models of vehicles. These brakes repair services include rotor thickness measurement using a push stick caliper, as well as non-destructive straightening and resurfacing of the rotor.

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